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"Writing your way out of depression often times is the antidote to allowing it to take over your life. Poetry is an avenue for one to freely express one’s emotions; emotions that have long been wanting to be expressed from the deep recesses of the psyche and from the soul."

(Poetry & Depression by JR Gildart, http://kozron.hubpages.com/hub/Poetry-Depression)

I am feeling poetic today. I used to write poetry in high school as a means to release the pent up emotions I was experiencing. I enjoyed writing poetry and it did help me to release my feelings. The last time I wrote poetry I was 19 years old. I stopped writing after I started taking medication for my depression. Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic but I think it might be nice to start writing poetry again. I think it may be a way for me to break down the wall I have built around me. If you would like to see some of the poetry I wrote when I was 18 you can visit my blog at stigmabegone.blogspot.ca Some of the poetry is dark and about dying so if this will act as a trigger for you please don't read them.

I have noticed poetry on some of the threads I have read so I know there are others who pour their feelings into poetry. I am just curious to know if you find it clears your mind and helps you to relax a little bit. What is your opinion on writing poetry as a way to deal with depression?

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Writing helps me tremendously. My verbal skills aren't all that great, so this is a helpful release for me. It helps me to process whatever it is I am working through. Often times I will figure things out for myself too while I am writing. The connections happen in my brain and I see things with new eyes and more clarity. I also find writing poetry to be therapeutic. It is helpful for me to express my feelings in this way. I also find it soothing to connect with my gentle and sensitive parts. I also do this for pleasure when I am feeling well.

I hope you enjoy writing, Stigmabegone, and that it lifts your spirits. Take care.

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