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I have a lot of practices that keep me grounded living with the PERSON I live with (I emphacize Person because I do sometimes have to remind myself that he is). I know that the things he says, the negative things, come from his own place of insecurity and I know that they hurt me because of the position he once held in my heart. I still have to work on my confirmations of these facts as I do allow myself to become quite aggrevated by his negative support. It isn't simply that he is not supportive, he is actually what I would call anti-supportive. He is not indifferent he is seemingly angry when something positive happens for me or I take positive steps toward improving my life and his comments reflect this. I am quite certain that the things I do are not only right for me but intended to benefit my whole house. I am comfortable with who I am and I know that most people who know me love me and have use of my talents and simply enjoy my company. But because he is supposed to be the ONE PERSON who encourages, guides and supports I allow myself to be (completely sometimes) derailed.

Writing helps but I am open to other suggestions:rolleyes:

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I talked to my 22 year old son today and he said that he compares motherhood to superherodom <---I know that's not a word. That is why I can get through all the tribulations in my life. I have some kind of super power I never knew about.:(

Honestly, the give and take of it is, my kids love me because I am me and I am me because they love me. It helps to wipe away all of the ugliness I suffer.

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