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Happy Easter


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It is Easter today and it is raining. Who could possibly be thankful for rain?? I have a friend who once told me that she thought rain was great because when it was raining that meant she got a free car wash. Isn't that a wonderful way to look at the rain? That one little statement, that she probably doesn't even remember making, changed my whole outlook on the rain and brings a smile to my face. How could I not smile thinking about her glee over getting a free car wash today?

Even when I am depressed I think of this statement when it is raining. There is always something to be thankful for. This Easter look around you and notice all you have to be thankful for and allow yourself to smile.

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"Everyone wants happiness,

Nobody wants pain,

But you can't have a rainbow,

Without a little rain."

Admittedly, it is much different when suffering from depression but I thought it was sweet and in some way related to your post. Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter, religious or not :D

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