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I'm attrached to furries!


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First I was very shy about posting this. The thread below me has a lot of replies and it caused me to back away more. I think that these feelings could be a phrase. I always been attrached to cartoons characters but they were humans. (For some reason I like animation more than real life) I've been a Sonic Fan since I was Eleven years old and even when I hit puberty I wasn't attrached to them. I fell out alittle with Sonic because I thought that the games were not good anymore and now I want to have with sex with Sonic. (extremly blushes) Not as hardcore as you think mostly harmless. In fact I have urges towards all three hedgehogs, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. I know that there are some fan girls out there that have these feelings. I don't think that my feelings are too serious. I find human x furry relationships to be kind of cute. I like the Sonic X Elise and Shadow X Maria. I know that people on this web-site may not be Sonic fans but I been obessing over this and need someone that I can talk to without people knowing actually knowing. I think classic Sonic is cute but not in a sexual way.

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I'm not a furry myself but I have a male friend who is. Personally I think this is one of those things that is almost a complete non-issue. If it doesn't interfere with your life, it's not a problem. It's fantasy, and I know I've had all kinds of messed up fantasies that I wouldn't want to live in real life, if they were even literally possible.

But I do have one similar thing. I was always attracted to cartoon characters too, at as young as 6 years old. Then I got into Japanese anime. But hey, that stuff is really popular and I even know several girls who are into the same stuff now (hentai). It kind of blew me away.

It's interesting that Sonic seemed to be the gateway for so many furries. I noticed this before I even knew anything about furries. I just never felt that way about Sonic or any of the other characters, but I still enjoy the games, even the new ones, lol.

I mean, you do get that furries are pretty 'popular' too, right? There's a lot of you all out there. Some people will give you a hard time over it, but most non-mainstream fetishes will get you a hard time if you just tell anyone.

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Can I ask what may seem like an odd question, but ... What do you see as the downside, here?

I don't mean the downside of talking about it; I understand that many people are not that understanding. That isn't the case here, so let's set that aside.

I mean, it's not something that will cause you trouble in the ... outside world, is it? Sex with an actual hedgehog would be quite a painful experience, no matter how it was accomplished.

The issue seems to be that you are attracted to certain aspects of a fictional character. There's no harm in that. There might even be some therapeutic benefit to listing what specific features attract you about them. I'm sure that the characters were designed to be attractive. So you might learn more about what attracts you, in the process. You might also find that you're more similar to other people than you think you are.

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