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When I'm alone and mostly driving for the past 20 years or so I have been randomly or spontaneously just yelling out or screaming something I'm thinking about and blemishing it adding vulgarity to it . Then for a split second or two I can't even remember doing it and ask myself " Where in the hell did that just come from " For example I might be driving along and think to myself I'm gonna go buy some beef jerky ....Then bam ! out loud like I'm possessed or something my voice changes and real loud I scream " Fuck Ya I'm going to go get some fucking beef jerky ." or I may be looking at a cute woman on the side walk and I'll Yell ' Fucking ho fuck that bitch ." ........... I don't do it often maybe once or twice a month . I've been sober now for nearly 6 years and practice a lot of spirituality including mindfulness meditation . It's scary sometime I'm like what the hell just happened ? Anywhoo I was just wondering if anybody else does this or maybe it's a mild condition of something else .

Thanks !

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I haven't got a clue what it is all about but I can tell you I do similar things. I don't know it's coming but I feel a sort of energy in my chest, it almost feels like excitement, then I'll shout something out and occasionally, even do a cartwheel or front flip as I'm walking down the street! I don't personally find it scary, but I do recongnize that it does not fit in with my personality or usual behaviour.

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