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Hi all,

Well, I think the title of the topic says it all; I've wanted to ask if any guys here have experiences with casual sex?

While I've been doing "better" the last months, the fact that I wasted my teenage years never exploring and enjoying my sexuality, is still something that makes me feel bitter and resentful. I've been thinking about hitting some bars/social gatherings/whatever where I'm mostly unknown so I can at least try. The fact that I have so few hands-on experience with women in general isn't helping, so I'm just looking for any advice?

Is it true that asian women usually don't mind about this as much as the other gals, or is that just a stereotype? Also, I've read several posts that said I should try hitting exclusively not good-looking women, since they have much less experience with larger guys, since guys with acceptable penis size tend to hit on beautiful girls, which in turn have much more experience, making it more likely to get rejected/humiliated. Since I almost don't know diddly squat about these kind of things (I'm 21), maybe you guys know some things here.

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well ive read studies saying pretty girls put more importance on size.

I think it makes sense that less attractive girls may be less judgemental.

My 5 exes were quite attractive and they all left me due to my size- so I guess it holds true for me thus far.

Im not sure if casual sex is an option for guys like us though unless its not problem for you that the girl doesnt enjoy it and bad mouths you to others.

You may be better off trying to foster a proper relationship and hope, over time, a committed girl might be able to overlook the sexual frustration/inadequacy etc

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It's really hard to say either way. The two women I've known who did not place ANY importance on size were a white woman (although she claimed to have a fetish for Asian men) and woman who was of mixed ethnicity. The white woman was tall, the ethnic woman short. They were both stunningly beautiful. But that's a couple among a lot of women, from ugly to gorgeous, who placed at least some importance on it. Frankly, if you're going to try casual sex you're just going to have to roll the dice.

That's the thing that sucks the most, I feel. I hate when people say it won't matter if you 'meet the right girl' and settle down. It's like, what if I don't want that? It's like small guys aren't allowed to just be single and enjoy it---they have to settle down right away and get in a family mindset if they're going to have ANY hope of happiness.

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Once it became obvious that I didn't measure up as far as my cheating ex wife was concerned,

I chose to decide to live with it and make the most of it as I could.

It's definitely a "handicap" as far as most of the better looking women go, although exceptions

are sure to exist.

If we were faced with some debilitation which was more obvious to other, the uphill battle would be far


Of course this attitude might be hard to swallow for younger guys who may hope to have families but

it's still better than giving up as so many here seem to have done.

Thge way I look at it, I can always find a way to blame anybody and everybody for our problem, but deep down inside, I know

it all belongs to and on me.

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I'd study up on cunninglingus if your not already skilled in that area (and maybe even practice on a call-girl or something, lol), that way if you hit the jack-pot then the ladies can tell their friends "OMG, he's soooo small but he gave the greatest head ever, I enjoyed it". Keep in mind that most girls tell their friends everything.

But then again I guess this isn't the greatest advice because most would say that going down on just any girl is dangerous. :( And their right.

Either way, good luck!

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ha- thats one good thing about being small- having so little sex makes us less likely to contract STDs

and the thing about giving head.... don't girls like it as a preamble to penetration?

I guess bigger/normal guys can just pop on a condom and enjoy the ride- no need to worry about contracting anything or her ridiculing you- jeez, that must be amazing- it must be so freeing

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and the thing about giving head.... don't girls like it as a preamble to penetration?

Some do, sure, but when your small ---what other way is there? If you can't get er' done with what's between your legs, ya gotta work with what's available.

The average woman enjoys good oral anyways. For guys in our situation, best to leave her pleased than not all, lol, as it lessens the odds that she'll totally humilate you. I'd rather be known as the guy with a small penis who gives smoking head vs being that guy with the small pecker whom is immediately placed on the avoid list ;)

In addition, if your really, really good, It gives a guy a shot at becoming the subject of one of those "The best lover I ever had happened to have a small penis " stories, lol.

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Personally, as long as I reach an orgasm I'm a happy camper. Doesn't much matter whether it's from intercourse, oral, or manual stimulation. Just knowing the man I'm with makes sure I'm satisfied is all I need.

A lot of men skimp on foreplay and oral. Becoming a master at both would go a long way towards making any man stand out regardless of penis size.

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