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I was thinking that this forum might be a little different from the others.

In most of the forums we have, the point is for someone with a problem to begin discussing it, and perhaps others with a similar problem can add to that, and a (relatively few) who might have solutions can interject. At least, that's how it seems to me.

This forum is for someone with an answer to initiate the thread. Now, I guess we all have some kind of an answer, but it's debatable how applicable those may be to others, without some form of oversight.

It therefore occurs to me that this forum might need to be, whatever they call it, "filtered"? Or possibly, the mental health professionals associated with the site might prefer to be the more frequent posters, though this seems to overlap with the Blog and the Topics sections.

Just something to think about.

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Good points. We could set up forum so that it needs to be moderated BEFORE a post will appear (rather than having the option to remove a post after it has shown up). Would that help?

I think it best for people who are thinking that a particular coping method is something that others ought to know about to just make a post here, and we can filter through the contributions later on - making the best ones sticky or something. ???

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I'm sorry if my post sounded critical. I think Mark and the other admins here are doing an excellent job.

I was simply trying to say that this forum might be different from some of the others. The decision on whether to do anything about that, or what to do if so, would be entirely up to management.

I do recognize my Junior standing here, and I don't expect to pass any gems any time soon. :-)

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I am all for the powers that be to post informative messages, or to moderate the forum just like any of the other forums. I truly value the experience and information that Drs. Dombeck and Schwartz share here with us. Admins and moderators have the powers to edit posts that might need editing, from what I understand.

But, with all due respect to the original poster, I don't agree on this one. I think that everyone has different ways of positive coping that has worked for them. I thought this forum was so that folks could share what has worked for them as opposed to negative coping.

I posted a message about a Personal Bill of Rights in the General Support forum. It is a way of coping by just being human, being assertive, establishing boundaries, and being responsible for ourselves. But I feel that it got knocked down by other members here because people wanted it to be what it wasn't. It is what it is. And I wanted to share because I thought it might help others here as it has helped me. It was my contribution to the site in a positive light, or so I thought.

I think that if folks shared what has worked for them, it can give individuals the opportunity to grow and build confidence in themselves, and to help others and give back to the community. But if people are just going to reject other members' contributions here, then where is the value in that? Do we as consumers of mental health services and products really need a Ph.D. in order to be valued?

(I'm not knocking y'all's degrees here, I totally respect your educational backgrounds. :o)

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Sometimes "sharing" can be too much information to cope with for some who already feel overloaded in their "own" who want to receive help, but can't cope with too much information. I read the first thread starter in this forum, and below is Mark's comments and mine before I read this thread. I do think/agree the more concrete the better. I don't think Malign means any harm he just means concrete, and I say this because I can relate very well to his "issues."

...and JT I've been away for a few weeks, but I'm thinking of you the sweetie that you are, which is a great gift you "own." I've seen. It's incredible! I hope you feel better soon, and take a hold of your incredible and don't let go! I'll be thinking of you.


As you have other ideas for good coping methods (and hopefully more concrete ones that are easy to implement, please jot them down here so that we can create a storehouse that people can come back to during a time of crisis.


Concrete is awesome when one is so overloaded..and so is this thread! Great Ideas..Thanks.

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I do intend for this particular forum (General Coping) to be a place to put positive coping suggestions, and as I think about it, this thread in particular this thread is not a positive coping suggestion, so much as a question about what is appropriate here. So I'm moving it into the Feedback forum which is more appropriate for this sort of thing.

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Well I think its an excellent idea!

That way its getting filtered before it gets shown on the site, and any upset it may cause to anyone. It can be altered in such a way as not to come across has being offensive, as others might see it? I for one, am very familiar in the way of putting my words in a post and causing a lot of upset and also had a lot of upset caused to myself with upsetting words said (visa/versa).

By doing it this way, also cuts down the amount of ridicule that has been going on in this site of late."I AM GOING ON ABOUT MY PAST EXPERIENCES HERE AND NO ONE ELSES! I JUST WANTED TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR ON THAT!"

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