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I started seeing this wonderful man, i thought he must have had another girlfriend in the begining as every time we went on a date at the end of the evening he would always drop me home and that would be the end. Finally we started making out and then my hand went to his penis, then i realised that he had a small one. we continued and had sex, but he was so embarressed that he left afterwards and I havent heard from him since. He wont return my calls or texts and its really frustrating because I relly liked him and hes run away without giving me a chance.

is there any way of getting him to come around? what can i say or do? i dont understand what hes going through but reading whats on the internet I see the complex associated...... does he not want to hear from me? i feel really used and shut down. whats he worried about? so confussed its doing my head in...

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Call him up and leave a message. If he doesn't get back to you, he's not worth your time. Not sure how small he is, but I'm personally on the low average side or below average by some statistics and I would never behave this way. But then again, I understand that some people are unable to handle honesty, rejection, or criticism well.

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