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I'm ugly and have to live with it my whole life


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( My English is poort, i'm sorry in advance). Yes, I'm ugly, i was born with ugly face, i have strange face shape that not balance for both side of chin bone. U knw!, it look like i'm an alien. And i don't have parents who really have ability to care all of this. I know i can't be pretty, all i want is a normal feeling that i can walk in the mall without using a mask. I don't have much confidence bcz of this. My study, work, communication with other ppls. I lose so many opportunity because of this feeling. I dont have any friend, it is the trust that they all treat me like a stranger or i should say a Thing. I spend all my time hiding in my rum, and it very hard for 15 years that i have to talk to myself in my mind. Nobody know, bcz i tried many times to tell somebody i can trust but it turned out more sad to me. Sometimes i'm strong but not all the time. It fail me.

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Hello, mey, and welcome to our community. :-)

I'm sorry you are feeling down. :( It must be difficult feeling there is no one to talk with about your feelings. Is there a counselor at school you might speak with?

I'm listening and I hear you. What gifts do you have, mey? Are you able to connect with your inner light? If you are able to care for and accept yourself as you are, you may find you will feel more confident. It's okay to not always feel strong. That happens to me sometimes too. If you are able to, try treating yourself very kindly and with compassion.

We are here to support you, mey.

Take care.

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