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Animal coming out


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This doesn't relate to the last post at all.

At times I get really restless and almost lose my mind. I'm not Bipolar or anything like that but I do have Aspergers syndrome though I dought that will help. At times I just want to rip something, someone in half for no reason, just kill something, anything. The only thing that keeps me in check is that I have a strand of sanity left in me when this happens. My restraint is powerful but my emotions run rampant, no matter how much I have this under control I still feel the full effect of the emotion.

I do have a lot of anxiety which helps my mind cloudy which I can sometimes turn to anger without even thinking about it. It almost feels like I'm mix between a Wolf/Wolverine.

Wolves can be timid around humans and Wolverines are just naturally agressive. I know how to control myself, I don't know how to help stop the emotions whether it be now, or a year later.

I don't care how long a process like this would take but I'll take anything to stop these aggressive emotions I feel.

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Hello Ob1one :)

Sometimes I feel extremely predatory and would love to hunt someone, I'm not sure if it would be for food or not though! I think it might be a power thing with me. I can feel very powerful and sharp and would really love to demonstrate myself to those who have sought to humiliate me in the past ... perhaps revenge[?]

I feel very 'positive' when I'm like that though in the sense that I loose a lot of negative self-image thinking. It kinda feels good.

I imagine most people feel the animal within at times yet it sounds like it's a regular thing for you Ob1one?

Would it be possible to channel these feelings into something useful? ... like if theres a problem in your community that needs someone who's not afraid to get dirty or argue with someone in power? ... this animal within can be a great source of strenght if channeled right.

Worth some thought me thinks :)

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Guest ASchwartz

Ob1one and Silentmist,

Ob1one: Can you identify when this mood sweeps over you. Is there some type of cue, event, time of day or anything else that might set this off? It could be a way your mind is letting you know that you are not dealing with something that you need to attend to. Maybe???


I agree with you. Very often we need to use our emotions and channel them into a positive type of expression. Yes, that wolf/wolverine imagery is powerful and, rather than pushing it away, find a positive means of expression.

What does everyone think about this?


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"I don't care how long a process like this would take but I'll take anything to stop these aggressive emotions I feel."

Sometimes our issues are truly physical. There is a physical reality to having Aspergers. Those I know with it also deal with high levels of anxiety and aggression. The good news is that deep pressure to the skin and working out the large muscles of the body under heavy loads is very helpful. Sounds strange maybe, but all you have to do is try it to see if it works for you. These techniques are used by occupational therapists working with people with sensory processing challanges (people who may be over-sensitive to light touch, sounds, movement, lights, etc). Short doses many times a day of engaging the large muscles of the body or receiving deep squeezes to the skin can really help.

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