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People here would kill for 6” in length...

Girth is more important than length, the longer your penis is, the more chance of it hitting into a girls cervix, averagely the cervix only goes 3-5 inches deep and i've asked a few close friends who are girls and most prefered average/below average because of cervix position in their body.

I just wish i had average girth (im slightly below making me skinny) :(

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Man hearing about a guy that is 6inches by 4inches saying they are small that makes me feel even more depressed being only 4inches and super skinny like 1inch around .. lately I don't know if its because I'm overweight or what but I can't get truly hard I can cum but with a semi hard penis and this makes me about 3inches I think mybe my penis is shrinking ... I just wanna run away and hide in a cave I have been laughed at to many times its to painful trying to date ect as doesn't matter they all laugh I have even had a great friend that I knew for so many years and we started to just hit it off in a club one weekend and she was so shocked it was a mood killer and what a waste of a amazing friendship .. I am so bitter my friends are going out having fun and all I get is laughed at .. I have no chance or hope of dating I would kill to be your size I really would .. I feel as tho girls just hate small penis so I am fucked I can't do nothing about it I am gonna be alone forever and the only way I am going to feel loved is if I turned gay and met another small penis guy that what society what's us to do .. what women of today is gonna settle for a super small super skinny penis that can only poke at the 1st inch or 2 and its like taking your little finger and making love to it no women is gonna want that she wants a real man and sadly I am not a real man ... God I so wish I was as lucky as you I would be out having fun clubbing ect .. not locked up in my room depressed all the god damn time .. I am so bitter at this god damm world as I am always gonna be alone no girl wants a guy like me I feel like I have a micropenis!!! I now have become so in the mind set that I am going to be laughed at again I now see no point in even talking to girls or even going out with friends and having fun ... One of ny friends has he at 6inches gets laughed at so a guy half his size has no chance so sadly I am going to be alone for ever ..... I can't believe this is going to be my whole life alone depressed I am only 24 I'm never gonna live to the age of 35 the way this is going on I am getting more depressed with each passing day

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