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The phone call(s)


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What a nice site to come to! It's been 9 years since I have talked to a shrink or taken medication. I've coped fairly well (gained a bunch of weight though). Things aren't going so smoothly now. I'm not eating food and I'm going to the gym (which is good), but now I am finding that since I do not have food that I am in the same old boat I was 9 years ago. Looking for something to fill that need for - not sure. I'm edgy, my review at work commented on how I need to have a better attitude, I don't feel like I can handle daily life or handle the stresses of it, sometimes I think there are two of me - one who is happy or doing just fine and the other who could care less if I ran my car into a pole.

So, I made a call and I'm nervous as hell. What am I doing? Do I need to see a shrink again? Am I not normal and need help? I don't know! I left a voicemail for this guy (who's the counselor/psych person), so I'm really nervous about tomorrow.

Oh well.....just sharing I guess. I'm sure nobody even cares! lol Nobody can even tell that I feel like jumping off a bridge. Everyone continues to share their baggage with me all the time. Sure! Give it to me I can take it with me when I go and your life will be lighter because of it.

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<quote>Am I not normal and need help?</quote>

No, you're normal and need help! :-) Don't we all?

It just depends on what the problem is, what help you need. And I think you already know what kind, since you've apparently called someone. I think that's great.

And yes, there are lots of people who would care, if you told them the way you've told us. They might not guess, but then they're normal, too, and can't read minds. :-)

I've got a free hand if there's any baggage you need carried.

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These days, it's pretty normal to be stressed out and frantic, and even anxiety and depression problems are pretty common. So I wouldn't put a trip on yourself. You feel how you feel, and your option is to try to work on it.

So far as reading material goes, I can recommend our Stress Management topic center, and the writings of Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. who is a resident blogger on Mental Help Net - stress management is a specialty of his.

And it is good to talk about things, which is something you are doing, both here and through your efforts to reconnect with a therapist. So that is very good.

Welcome to our community. I hope you find this place useful.


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Thank you for the responses to my post. After reading my post again, I feel rather dumb. Kirk is the name of the guy I'm going to go have a chat with. We will see where that takes me. At least I know I am headed in the wrong direction with the kinds of things I am doing and the way I think sometimes. If I didn't have the capacity to realize that then I probably would be locked up somewhere!

I am relieved to finally be going to talk to someone. I think my life is in jeopardy and I have two little guys that would miss me.

Thanks for the posts.

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