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I am more of a B student. Now I am being asked to be better. But how do you get to 100%? I work hard but I still make mistakes. People mistakes, no one is perfect. But some are close to it. I need to be in that category. But I keep making too many mistakes, some are minor but they add up quickly. It seems like some people have an immunity to mistakes, but some are infected. Although I have been cleaning things up a lot, I'm still not close enough. I have to get closer, or else I will be delegated to things I know are below me, and I will hate the world, but I have to get higher to escape this. Because right now I am stuck somewhere in the middle, and I can't be entrusted. I could screw things up, I might not. I might understand, I might not.

There I number of factors that make you less then perfect. For one thing, sometimes memory fails and there's not enough space or time to retain certain knowledge or habit. This problem can often be solved with more time and experience, by building good habits, becoming for familiar with information via repetative review of it. But to some extent, and at some point, some people are cut off because there are certain situations where the only option is to retain knowledge in a set time. And if you cannot retain it in time, you are cut off.

Another factor is depth of understanding. Sometimes it is necessary to understand something in great depth, sometimes it ISN'T necessary. So it is important to recognize when it is and isnt necessary,so as to not waste time on somthing that could be better spent elsewhere. Sometimes there are nagging questions that have to be ignored, but only what is important to know for the greater task at hand has to be given priority of attention.

In a test situation where you are being watched closely, your every whim and move is being monitored, not to mention you are racing the clock. Anxiety is up. Staying focused without distraction becomes another big factor. There are a couple drugs for this and people use them, but I am not going to be able to take advantage of this. Although I borderline require it. Somehow you have to continue forward clear minded

If possible, review everything, double check everything, and make sure you didn't do something wrong. But is this how to go forward? is this how it is to be 100%?? This is a life of perpetually anxiety and insecurity. How many times do I have to go over things in my head to make sure I dont get it wrong when it matters? I double check, then I check my double check, or triple check, then I quadruple check, and so on until I am way overthinking and am now doing things wrong as a result of this checking in my mind. There no fluidity in doing this, and to think when you see someone do 100%, how fluid it looks, how perfect it is, something different must be going on in their minds.

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Some people are just more academically intelligent than others, Some have a better memory. Unfortunately, MI can do a number on your memory and cognition. I think it also depends on the subject, some are more interesting to you and you will do better in those. But you know, even with being a B student, you still get there and you can still go far as you get older. There was a girl in my class at high school, who got C's, likewise in teachers college, but she worked hard and today she is the head mistress of a school.

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