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Obsessive habbit


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I have been going through this fairly odd drive to pluck hair from chin..at times i am so obsessed with this habit that i just cant resist..and continue to do till i feel relaxed..it's been many years now..i have developed hard hair with skin darkening and it looks sick..despite knowing this.. i just cant resist. i am so angry with myself and so out of control. Can anyone suggest something?

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Hi sorry to hear you are feeling that way, some of these behaviours can get hard to control. I'm not sure how to post a link here but if you try googling "self harm distractions" that might help. I think it's aimed at cutting but some of the things they list may be helpful in this case too

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Welcome to the community. :)

I'm sorry you have been struggling with this. :( We don't diagnose here, but here is a link you might be interested in. http://www.mentalhea...richotillomania Have you ever spoken with a professional about your struggles with this?

As a child, I used to twirl my hair a lot or bite my nails if I felt upset or anxious. Is anxiety possibly a factor for you? I find meditation helps a great deal with my anxiety. Taking walks in nature, listening to music, watching scenic videos...Everyone has different calming methods that work best for them. Sometimes sitting with the feeling without acting on it helps me too. That can be challenging at first, though. I hope you can be gentle with yourself too.

Take care.

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