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Hello to all :

I am new here and I am starting to think about that little penis thing.

I must say that it's difficult for me to say that it is an issue. It is irrational ok, but in a sense we have to be a little irrational about sex, it works like that. It explains that we can dealing with paying the bills and just five minutes later, with the bedroom upside down, ready to put the thing into the thing. Something irrational must happen.

I agree that I am a little obsessive about it, but it is not a particularity of guy with small ones. The big ones also have their obsession.

I am not writing this to say that I hold the truth, just to share my thinking and begin a discussion.


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Life is full of little irrational things that happen, that we try to explain rationally. What happens inside you when a bird sings? I doubt that it's something entirely rational.

So my definition of an "issue" is, does it cause you trouble? Does it get in the way, cause you pain, make you want to change something?

If so, I figure it's okay to try to find something to change ... but the change needed may not seem to be entirely rational.

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