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I really dont know what to do but leave this world so i dont upset anyones lives again


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Once again i have this high anxiety level on helping my adult daughter resettle here in florida, As much as i want this its that much that i dont want it. I am so confused i try to talk to people in fact i really cant have friends because i dwelll on her life and her childrens all the time, its like they are something i want to fix but im so scared this is something even worse. Im alone here in florida and she is in michigan homeless with two children i cant even sleep at night without the meds and a couple of glasses of wine i just dont know how to handle this anymore.

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Welcome to our little part of the internet, Gerry. :-)

Can we separate some of these things out, so we can talk about them?

  • First, it sounds like you're helping your daughter relocate to Florida with you. She's currently homeless in Michigan with two children.
  • Second, you're not sure whether or not you want that, for reasons that are not very clear.
  • Third, it sounds like you have a concern about yourself, that you get too caught up in her life. You want to fix things for them, but you're afraid that "this" is something worse.
  • Fourth, there's an indirect reference to not wanting to "upset anyone's lives again", which sounds like something someone told you in the past.
  • And I guess, last but not least, this anxiety and the effect of whatever happened in the past on your self-esteem is making you have thoughts of suicide.

Did I cover it well enough?

I think the first thing I would say is that, no matter how hard it might be to figure out how to help your daughter, if you were gone it would only be harder for them. Then they wouldn't have anywhere to go ...

Maybe you could say more about why you're afraid of upsetting lives?

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