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So I'm 14 and i've struggled with depression. Some days iv never wanted to get out of bed.. But the past year ive been struggling with self loathing. I've developed an eating disorder because of this .. I haven't told anybody this because i feel like im just whining. Am i? My parents are amazing so its not them...i guess i have no right to feel this way... On the other hand i feel like a need help..

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Welcome to the community, Russionman.

It's okay to feel anything that you feel and it's okay to express what you feel. It's good to reach out for help and support when you need to. Maybe your parents can help you to find a counselor or perhaps there is one you might speak with at school? Self-loathing and critical self-talk is common in depression. One thing you can do to start helping yourself is to become aware of your self-talk.

I'm sorry you are feeling depressed. We are here to listen and support you.

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