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I suppose that's what leads us to find places like this to seek mutual sharing while being in control of how much exposure and when. There are times when I enjoy what I call my "dark" times, others see this as a cause to be concerned. When I withdraw I feel like it is a time to regroup, reaccess, and stop the whirlwind for a time--in order to refocus on what is REALLY important. Not material, not time, not possessions, Just Love...of self & others. Are you searching for yourself? When I can't seem to feel like myself is when I tend to withdrawl, so I can search. I have learned to enjoy & accept this process because in the end I find myself again, like a long-lost friend. Without the darkness the light would not seem so bright... I wish you happiness in the search for happiness. Happiness I have also learned is not something you eventually find & keep, it happens in moments and everyday has several moments if you look for them and savor them you will feel the happiness they contain........Love to you.........

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Isolation is a but interesting and controversial. The thing about it is that you want to be alone yet you want to have fun with other people. You don't want to be isolated but at the same time its more comfortable to be in your bad mood or isolation.

What I would suggest is that you stop isolating yourself, when your isolating yourself that's the last thing you want to do but you need to know that it is better to be with others, man is a pack animal, I would have more fun with others, etc.

The only way to beat isolation is by facing it so you need to come out of your bad mood or your comfortable spot and make yourself a new comfortable spot with others.

With your question being on a support community is nothing too bad because your not in human contact which is what you want in a way. You want to help people and you don't want to be around people, I know that feeling. At the same time you want to help so this place is comfortable for you to help others.

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