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Guest PhuckMyLife

I've been posting comments so I'd figure I'd tell my story of my small penis to be honest even at a very young age I always knew something wasn't right because when I used to believed in god I used to pray to he/she/it to make it bigger how dumb I was to be honest I just never could understand why people believe in god so now I'm 25yrs old a virgin too scared of anyone finding out I've seen too many people ridiculed about having a small penis and I don't think I could handle that kind of rejection while most people my age are out partying having sex etc this problem consumes my whole life I just don't understand why women just don't get it and how women are these days I'm probably going to die alone I'm not afraid of dying it's living with this I can't handle I never Been a bad/evil person always did what's right so why do I got to have this penis it's not fair there are men out there who cheat,lie,steal,murder molest and rape kids but I'm the one with a small penis I'm the one who gets laughed at and mocked If people who ridiculed small penis could switch places and see what we live through they would know how it feels Life is f*****g unfair this problem follows me everywhere I even dreamed about being laughed at once I suffer from major depression so I don't know what to do I no longer talk/flirt etc. to women because what's the point once she finds out it's over to be honest my mother is the last hope I have the reason I haven't committed suicide is because of her but when she's gone I will because what would I have if she only knew I feel shame and guilt and worthlessness when she asks when am I going to have any kids and make her a grandma this is killing me inside.

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What if I agree with you 100% ?

Say hypothetically - you know what I mean by this right? If not google it pls - that this, what you posted, was all there was.

I say, 'Yes Phuck you're right, you figured it out. Life is set up against you. There is nothing you can do.'


Now what?


I don't get what you mean by,

"...I just don't understand why women just don't get it, and how women are these days"...

You feel women behaved differently in the past?

What is it that you would want a woman to get?

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I categorize a small penis as being between a handicap and an undesirable feature like bald or glasses or too short, too old, etc.

Does it absolutely suck? Yes.

Must it be a ruinous obsession? No

To allow another person's opinion of you to direct your self worth is always a losing position.

Men must find strength from within because it ain't coming from anywhere else. No one smiles at us just because we walked in the door. No one picks us up in their car and pays for a night on the town. No one cares when one of us goes missing or is found dead. There is no national organization that lobbies lawmakers on our behalf for for special rights.

It's not the size of your penis that condemns you. It's that you have one.

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You are right about the misandry widespread in the western world.

But I only half agree with your last sentence.

My size does condemn me…

if my size was ok I would be with one of my 4/5 exes today…. she would care for me and I would have self worth and be enjoying my life.

Why do I need sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy and togetherness? Because I'm not a sociopath….

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