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Please Help - Bipolar Suicidal boyfriend


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Please help. I'm on this forum for the first time because I don't know where else to turn. I am so confused, afraid, shocked by what happened tonight.

On Christmas eve, when I'm visiting my boyfriend out of town (in another country, staying with his parents), he flipped out and had a meltdown. I always knew he was depressed, and he had talked about previous thoughts of suicide, always assuring me that he doesn't feel this way anymore. Tonight we had a minor argument that escaladed into full blown manic attack which I"ve never seen before.

He tried to commit suicide tonight in front of me. I had to call his parents to call an ambulence. His stomach was pumped and he has to be in a psych ward for the next week.

What's even more inconceivable, is that in the period before the paramedics arrived, he managed to hack into my email & facebook, take my credit cards, put 8000 dollars on them, write emails to guys in my inbox pretending to be me, break my cell phone and at this point who knows what else.

I spent the next few hours calling my banks, utterly appalled by the things he had done. Trying to figure out how to take the next flight / train out of here.

He called from the hospital, and started to tell me he was sorry. That he loved me. That he is bipolar and do not remember doing these things. That he needed me to stay until he came back from the hospital. That he will kill himself again and again b/c I'm the only reason he lives.

I know the only logical thing for me is to leave and get myself out of this situation immediately. But I love/d this guy. I care for him deeply. His parents asked me to reconsider. I'm unsure how to feel or what to do at this point.

I suppose I'm trying to make sense of this whole thing, and hoping for someone to shed some light on how a person so loving and wonderful and turn into someone so unrecognizable.

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Wow that is awful stuff! Can you stay in touch with him from afar? He has got to get his condition under control, and it is not fair for him to use you as the only hope he's got. Totally not fair. He's got to listen to his doctors and follow his treatment. With treatment, he can get better.

I hope you can do nice things for you right now. That is too much trauma.

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Hi Wanderer0929

I understand your frustration, I too am Bipolar. All I can suggest is to give him another go. He is either not taking his medication or, the medication does need adjusting/changing?

You don't mention whether he's under a Psychiatrists/Psychologist? No doubt's he will be now if he's in Hospital?

Bipolar is a mental illness, it can be controlled. It doesn't mean the end of the world, it just a new start to a new beginning! Given the right help, you too, can live with this? But he got to help his self? If he's not going to help his self, then how does he expect others to help him?

All I can suggest is, follow your heart. You can't go wrong there!


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