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complex ptsd


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So far, so good, fin.

You managed to post your message, so you should be able to write whatever you need to say.

However, the site is divided into topic areas, so that other people can better address what you say. The topic you used, "the Lounge", is really meant for less serious discussions. You could try "General Support", or possibly "Anxiety" or "Depression", depending on where you see your problem fitting.

It may take some time for a reply, however, because people "here" are in different time zones, and so on. You may need to be patient about hearing back.

Welcome, and I hope the place does you as much good as it has me.

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Welcome Fin

That's me too. So as I agree with malign's advice (maybe try posting under anxiety first). You are welcome to private message me also, especially if you are overwhelmed by posting openly.

As malign suggested people are slow to respond at times due to the time difference and also this time of year so try not to worry that it is about you but more about people struggling like you at this time of year.

Do feel welcome to share though Fin


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