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I'm 6'1 and weight about 230 to 240 something weight range. For 7 months I've been with a girl who's about 5'7 and is kinda thick. I loved her with all my life. I always wanted to make love to her but the problem is this...my dick.

I believe I have a micro penis. My dick is about 2 inches non erect and when it is about 4.2 or less. I really wanna amuse and show my gf how much I love her...she told me couple times that my penis is "small". I love her and she really loves me. But I wanna satisfy her.

Another problem I face is that my penis dies out in erection when I am standing. I used to get boners a lot while standing. I'm 18 now and its not the same like before.

I do a lot of stuff, I tried doing stretches, I tried talking to my friends about my problems, and also praying as well...I don't know what to do...can some one please give some love or advice

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I agree with LBM. If your girlfriend really thought penis size was a problem, then she would've said something by now.

One thing, though: from your post, it isn't clear that you and your GF have even tried to have sex yet. Has your GF even said she wants to have sex at this point? If you're 18, then i'm guessing she's 18 too, or younger. She may not be ready, so don't push.

I just read a survey a couple months ago that said the percentage of 18-year-olds who are sexually active, compared to those who are virgins, is actually close to 50-50. So if she's interested in sex, fine (and i have some suggestions about that below). But if you two don't have sex, you're still the same as about half the people your own age.

Are these insecurities holding you back from trying? Well, first of all, Guest_glenn_j is right about 4" not being a "micro-penis." Statistically, the average is about 6, and i've never heard or read any woman (no, not even ONE) say that 2 lousy inches makes some kind of difference between satisfying her and not. This size crap: it's a myth we get from porn. Yeah, porn actors have big dicks; but that's just so that their dick can be seen easily from 10 feet away or however far away the camera is when the scene is filming.

Insecure about having or keeping an erection? Well, it happens to all of us. I agree with VoBN1C that you probably want to have some lab work done, just to make sure you don't have a circulatory problem, but frankly that probably isn't it. Your erectile insecurity is probably 100% psychological. It's probably analogous to stuttering: you fear the stutter as you're opening your mouth, and your fear is what causes the stutter to happen.

So don't let the fear stop you from trying. If she wants some, then give it a try. We have less fear if we have a plan for when things go wrong (and i'm not even convinced that "no erection today" = things going wrong). If she's sexually aroused, but you don't have an erection, use the K-Y jelly and stimulate her clitoris (LIGHTLY and SlOWLY) with your hand, or do it orally. If that gets her off (and BTW, that's more likely to get her off than a 8-inch dick), then you've scored one point even though you never got an erection. THIS IS WORTH REPEATING: if you get her off with your hand or your tongue, then you're Good In Bed EVEN WITHOUT AN ERECTION. So there is no reason for fear.

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