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Apparently,In The Gay Community. SPS/Small Penis Is A Problem Too. who would of figured that being a heterosexual its a problem and if your gay its still a problem skip past the article the comments are priceless even one comment says that one guy felt bad for the other guy apparently in the gay community if you have a small penis your stuck playing the catchers position for life (No Pun Intended)the irony/agony of having a small member :P

For those of us considering sex change/switching teams :D


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It's true that many gay people are 'size queens' which may be in part to do with physical pleasure and in part to do with the psychological preference for domination/penetration by someone 'bigger' than themselves. That said many people are exclusively 'bottom' (receptive) whatever size they are and there is some debate whether this preference is to do with ego issues and of those some are less fussy that others so while some people with a smaller penis may only get to be receptive partners it's not always the case.

Also while penetrative sex is normally de rigueur for heterosexual couples this is not always the case with gay encounters where oral sex is (imo) de rigueur and there appears to be (imo) much more specialisation of activities.

I guess the difference is this; with hetero having a small penis really limits your options while with homo a small penis is not usually welcomed but can sometimes be forgiven if you have a great ass or other skills and an open mind.

While sex (of some description) might be marginally easier it's very difficult to build any kind of stable relationship. For me there's very little difference in terms of physical pleasure between doing it by myself or with another guy so it's almost pointless however sometimes I just need the human contact more than any specific activity.

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I totally agree, you have a better way if explaining it than I do. So I guess in all honesty no matter gay straight transgender small penis is a factor. of course a man with a small penis has a chance of finding someone to have sex with them but will there ever be a chance at a lasting relationship of course all women are not cold hearted but how long before she gets so frustrated she has a slip of the tongue unintentionally I think its safe to say a man with a small member has enemies (problems) coming from all sides. I wonder does god (if there is one) have a vendetta against small penis guys or maybe god is a size queen too or maybe he/she/it just another megalomaniac egotistical racist sexist hateful person just like some his creations I could take living with a small penis if I didnt have a good chance at being alone

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