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Urgent: How to stop a divorce from happening


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I am 17 and have two sisters, our parents have had issues in the past, my dad even packed a bag once, but things got better afterwards. But obviously, that doesn't mean that problems stopped coming. Lately, the atmosphere in our house is truly depressing, my dad would sleep in his corner, my mom would sleep in hers crying, my little sister would go and hug my mother, my other sister would be in her room trying to focus on studying, and i would be in mine depressed and angry and confused about the situation. This morning my parents had a conversation, i didn't hear anything because i simply couldn't handle their disputes once again. But i talked with my mother afterwards and she told me what they had said to each other. my father is thinking about divorce.

My father is somewhat really selfish.. and my mom is rather over-sensitive, so i guess you can see what their issues would look like.. and i really cannot bear the idea of them separated, none of us can, my mother is obviously against it, my sisters are deeply sad, and i can't just sit and watch my family transform into something i have never imagined it could become. So i want to help fix this, i want to talk to them both and have them fix their issues with each other. the thing is that i do not know where to start or how to tell them how i feel, i just want to talk to them and i want to touch their feelings and i want them to realise how stupid their fighting is and that life is so much better than this. Please help me, give me some guidance please

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Hello, Imane, and welcome to our community.

I'm sorry you are going through this. :( I hear your distress and sadness. It's difficult watching two people we love fighting (I have trouble with this too) and this must be especially painful when the people involved are your parents. :-(

I hear you that you want to help and that you hope your parents will work on healing their relationship. Have you expressed your concerns with them? I can understand that it's difficult and painful for you, but you can't fix this for them. You can express your personal feelings and hopes for them, but this is something they both have to want and make the effort to work together to make happen.

I'm very sorry this is so painful for you. :( Do you have someone to confide in who can support you? A trusted adult or family member? We are here too, if it helps to talk and express yourself.

I wish you and your family healing. Please take gentle care.

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