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Hello folks,

Currently I weigh 216 lbs and my height is 5'6". I'v been obese for a very long time now and I was really obsessed in losing weight for majority of my life. Driven with very low self-esteem and the stigma you get when in school (I'm not from the US btw, I'm from a 3rd world country) I wanted nothing more than to lose weight.

However, reaching maturity, I learned to accept the fact that it doesn't matter. I have a job and a support group that accepts me for what I am and they don't give a damn if I'm overweight or not. But there is one more problem with me being obese... my family has a prevalent history of CAD and Diabetes Mellitus type 2 which sadly, I am a very good candidate for. I'm in the border of having hyperlipidemia (too much cholesterol in the blood -- causes fatty deposits in blood vessels) and I'm only 23 years old. :o

And so, I resolve into healthy lifestyle living and diet moderation :(. Now, we all know how good oat meals and veggies are... they are affordable, very easy to prepare, they provide bulk, and they are very healthy but my problem is, they get really boring really fast (I'm a rice eater and I love them bacons and fries) and I'm no chef to turn these boring alternatives into exciting and wonderful snacks :(

Any idea guys? :confused:

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A few thoughts

Spices can make an otherwise boring meal taste pretty good, but you have to learn how to use them well. I taught myself the basic principles of Indian cooking many years ago, and that has served me fairly well. I have a bunch of cookbooks I can draw on if I want to make something unfamilar, or some simple recipies I have got in my head and make frequently. The hardest part is the time it takes to do the cooking, becuase life is very busy these days. If you can take cooking classes, and can find one that will teach you how to use spices effectively, that could be worthwhile. Some of the best lessons I've had are from books, however, and from people who have invited me into their home to show me some recipe that I complemented them for. Actually, a lot of times I've found that people who are good cooks are very interested in helping others to learn how to do it becuase so many people aren't interested and don't find it to be fun like they do. Take notes, experiment at home and don't be afraid to experiment.

My wife and I try to make a big pot of healthy soup on the weekends. It's pretty easy to make a simple hearty soup like a pea soup or bean soup and you can do so without adding much fat or unhealthy ingredients; Then you have it handy for dinner without effort (just heat up a bowl). You get tired of it after a few nights, but you can have it on alternate nights or freeze some for later. I suppose that this strategy depends on reliable electricty and access to refrigeration; not sure how practical this would be for you depending on where you are living.

Hot sauce always makes things taste better (grin!).

Some fats are better than others. Get rid of the bacon and use olive oil instead. Be sparing with butter. Avoid trans-fats such as are in many margarines. Unsaturated fat is far better for you than saturated fat, and choices like olive oil still tastes rich.

If I can come up with more ideas, I'll post again. Hope these are helpful to you.

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