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I have had my share of issues up to and including attempted suicide


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I have had so many isssues in my life that I tried to end it. I survived and now have a different perspective on life.

I was helped by a suicide hotline, they practically saved my life. I later decided that I owed others the benefit of the services which saved my life and after giving a donation also offered my services as a volunteer.

The training was superb and I do believe that whilst we lost some.. we saved more. I still have issues of my own but shall be privilaged to offer totally confidential and non judgemental support to others if they might benefit from it. Contact me anytime you need to.

Best regards,


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Welcome to the community. I'm glad you are still here with us. It's wonderful that you were helped during a time of need and that you reached out to someone. I also find that giving back can be very healing as well. I hope that volunteering to help others was healing for you.

Our community is a place to offer support and receive support. We're glad to have you here with us.

Take care.

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