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Age: 19

You know, after these exhaustive searches as to what the average penis size is, I start to recognize the fluff that’s implemented into these surveys and statistics. It’s like, you read stats, but the observable evidence is always directly opposed. You hear “5.5, 5.6, 5.7, ad nausea” but when you log off the computer and ask a woman her preferable size the average woman says 7.5.

I am a perfectionist and I live only to please (including me), so knowing that I cannot ‘fully’ please a woman leads me to the reality that my existence is meaningless wasteful (really need to emphasize ‘fully’ as claiming ‘5 inches can still please…’ is entirely meaningless to someone like me who will not be happy unless I can fully please a woman- and 5.6 inches won’t do it.

Furthermore, I would like to have multiple partners as nature intended so saying, “you’ll find someone who will love you” doesn’t really mean much to me. Moreover, I can never find a loved one since, if i already know I cannot sexually please her, then there is no point of pursuit, thus no lover.

Women try and pursue me but always get rejected for their benefit (i.e. they do not know I cannot satisfy them so I save them the trouble in finding out). I am afraid of not the ridicule itself, rather the consequences of such ridicule (presumably another school shooting). I never had much of a family and I was bullied my whole life; later,, I lost weight (155 lbs) people started respecting me, and girls started taking interests. Additionally, I am highly competitive, however, that spirit only extends to things that are somewhat controllable (sadly, penis size is not).


As an aside: I hate women that complain about breast size as if that actually impacts the other sex's pleasure. How pitiful and petty one must be to complain about ass & boobs but then try and console males by suggesting--really lying--that size is doesn't matter that much... Women as moronic as that deserve to fucking die slowly.


It just angers me knowing how much an uncontrollable appendage can affect your entire psycho-social structure. I’ve been depressed for 8 years- all for one fucking appendage…. I am more frustrated at the scientific community for not finding simple and effective ways to surgically increase penis size without a fucking transplant- and I would even do that if I knew how to get one.

Anyway, my existence amongst 7+ billion is entirely is infinitesimally concerning, and I see no rational reason one would choose torture over peace. I am/was going to a good college (so I am sure I’ll be in the news) and I had extraordinary grades- and the only thing that kept me going (I am sure you will laugh) was the hope I invested in urologists on coming up with an efficient penis enlargement surgical process, to which they patently let me down.

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