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could a small penis be an asset in a ltr?


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Part of epistemic humility is respecting when you you know something and when you just think something, so the following will be an opinion of mine. You can question the conclusion or the premise, but there's no questioning the thought process. It's based in all of the facts we have in front of us.

In a long term relationship, a small penis may be an asset.

I know, having a small penis sucks, I'm not denying that. If I didn't have an objectively worse life directly because of my body image/societal/pride issues, i wouldn't be talking on a mental health board with you mostly wonderful people. I'm not saying that I'd rather not be average or above average. What I am saying is that when it comes to the singular woman that I grow to love and marry, having a small penis may be an asset. The "may be" is only because it is completely up to us, the small penis havers, to decide whether we are going to embrace the realities of sex and masculinity. The modern masculinity dogma dictates that awesome sex is when the woman has an awesome time and orgasms a lot,(because, as all of my fellow masturbators out there know, orgasms are a huge motivating force). Obviously, you had a great time, because you're a manly man and we love fucking women regardless of all human emotion. So it's all about her, and to be a successful lover as a small penis haver, it is imperitave that we focus on women and what is pleasurable for them.

Here's the kicker, though. Most women don't orgasm from PIV regardless of who's doing the dicking. Obviously this statistical fact could be cynically dismissed by explaining that these women just haven't been with Chad Thundercock who's "practically got a saturn v rocket for a cock." And yes, there might be some merit to that, but the thing is that science has proven that our dicks are way more similar than we are different from 95% of men. Porn would lead us to believe otherwise, but the ubiquitous-on-the-internet 8.5" penis is about as statistically probable as a 6'8" person. The bottom line is that if ~75% of women aren't orgasming from dicks of all sizes and needs direct stimulation then anyone who wants to cause their partners to experience the most amount of orgasms needs to focus on pleasing their partners in various ways beyond PIV. And if that's the case, then is there really anything all that wrong with us?

Seriously, i say it on here often and some guys dismiss it, but lesbians have awesome sex(and I mean awesome for them, not awesome for us watch on some porn site. Crazy fucking orgasms are more than just ram your dick in there be channing tatum.

I wasn't a big fan of Patrick Moote's Unhung Hero movie, but the ending has a really interesting interview with Dan Savage in which he puts out some really great reasons for us people on the wrong end of the bell curve to be optimistic about life. He cites that studies show that the partners of men with smaller-than-average dicks report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than people whose partners have larger-than-average dicks. So, if the proportions of my body and my sincere desire to cause multiple orgasms for my partner force me to check my ego at the door and I make it all about their pleasure, why can't having a small penis actually be an asset in getting a wonderful wife and keeping her wonderfully happy? Shit, they make strapons that fit guys, the only thing holding us back is our own emotions/pride.

If I have happy life with a happy wife, don't I win the masculinity contest anyways even with a 4.5" penis?

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On the one hand you have the small penis guys that passionately, religiously believe a small penis is a death sentence to a happy life and on the other hand the sentiments you very clearly expressed above.

A lot of the things you write I have also said at one time or another in the past so I really can't disagree except that I am wary of the sorts of studies you cited as I suspect people lie a lot, even to themselves.

Other things to bear in mind - a lot of these are college age guys just looking to hook up like their friends are and have a few stories to share. Marriage ain't in the picture yet. Next is that what I have concluded from reading this forum for a few years now is that small penis gets the blame when really other issues are the real culprits such as erectile disfunction and emotional issues like porn addiction and complete lack of self esteem.

The problem is that even if you are a great guy in every way and looking to get married it can be hard to come by as a lot of girls have had it drummed into their heads that men are a disease to be avoided - violent abusive oppressors - and the only security is to be found in a career or social services. Half of marriages end in divorce and 2/3 of those divorces are initiated by women knowing the legal system has "got their back" and a payday awaits so the guys are increasingly reluctant too. It is an undeniable fact that marriage rates in America are at an all time low.

But regardless of all that, your post is hopeful, well written, and worthy of consideration.

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you can leave a woman unsatisfied if you wish, but don't be upset if she leaves you or cheats on you. the best case scenario is her staying "loyal" but fantasizing about someone else.

in order to remain dominant (specially in today's shitty world), you'd usually need to be able to "deliver".

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I think the small penis is great for the wife if she can deal with it because I could have had an affair with a coworker and did not go through with it. I would like to have the world believe I am such a moral guy and that is why I did not fuck this woman when I had the chance. The real reason is my small cock. I did not want to show it to her. So the guy with the small cock is so less likely to cheat.

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