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Ok, Ive been seeing this girl for a little less than a year now.

Im a bit older than she is, im 24 , she's 19. This is her first relationship.

Here's the problem. She's still in school and works part time at night, she's sweet but with a little bit of a confidence problem. I work pretty far from home and drive 1 1/2 to work both ways in a pretty stressful sales job, im up at 6 and back at 7. So by the time im home im so tired i just want to get in bed and retire.

We see eachother on the weekends no problem, but during the week im so tired from driving and talking on a phone all day that i just cant wait up for her to get home from work and talk because ill be dead the next day.

This bothers her alot, She gets very depressed and for lack of better word ,needy. It seems like her mood is determined by me.

I try and take her feelings into account and i try to explain that im dead during the week, but to no avail.

But on top of it all she asks her friends for advise, some who are guys (yea, i know. Red flag) and they just agree with her.

So am i being a typical a-hole boyfriend, cause i dont want that. Or is it her beeing too needy? HELP!

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Why don't you come to a compromise and ask her to stay at your place for a couple of nights through the week? By that way, you will be seeing her, even though you might be in bed when she turns up from her job? At least she will get to see you when she finishes work and before she goes to school?

A relationship is all about giving and taking and not taking all the time! I wouldn't call your relationship a relationship? More like a, when I'm not at work, and am bored, I think I'll phone the missis, to come and satisfy me relationship!

If you want this relationship to go anywhere, I'd change my ways if I were you?

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