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"Men Worry far More about Penis Size than Women"

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Of course we fucking do!

"Men fret about Penis Size more than women Do". Too Right because We are the ones that lose out, we are the one that get rejected if we don't "measure-up", "cut the mustard", we are ones that get laughed at, we are the ones who are the objects of ridicule, get dismissed, lose our status, it is our lives which are destroyed, affected, women just swan around expecting, demanding, being callous, it's no Big Deal to them, they just expect to be Served.

I hate when I hear sh!t like this, every article about Penis Anxiety seems to have it as well. Time to put an end to this dismissive cliche/axiom.

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I would not laugh at a man who had a small penis, or a woman with a flat chest.

They are not inferior to other people in their genders.

I laugh at Ron Jeremy, no matter how big his dick may be.

Because it's stupid to treat an actor (any actor) like he's some kind of hero;

and a porn actor even more so.

What do actors do for the world? Zero. Entertaining us doesn't count.

The men who collect my garbage every week are more important than actors.

Because they give me a service that i really need.

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It is not their problem, they have not been rejected they are not suffering, they just find another guy as you say, of course they don't worry about it as much as we do.

This is part of the oppression we face as Men, stupid, glib unintelligent statements like this cliche, we have got to put an end to it, put an end to this stupid statement.

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