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So I ran into this forum maybe over a week age, maybe a little less. Searching questions this this problem, or rather seeking answers.

I'm at a time in my life where I'm tired of it being pointless, and me not having really anything to look forward to in my life.

I've got a lot of problems such as being a loner, not having any friends. And I'm shy, well extremely shy. I find I'm in isolation than anything else. This leads me to nothing else but my thoughts. After awhile those thoughts turn to extremely negative things.

But, as I've tried to figure out the problem it really leads back to one thing. My very small member. I'm 25, never had sex, and yea I'm not the best looking thing in the world lol.

I've had relationships in the past in high school and such. As I got older and sex became a real and apparent thing I turned away. I'm embarrassed of this issue. Two times I could have had sex, I ended up freezing up and walked away.

I'm more afraid of the rejection, and embarrassment that could come from it. I'm not sure if I could take someone laughing at me over an issue I can't control.

I will admit porn has probably been a big part of diminishing my perception of reality. But a few things still linger.

1. I've seen other guys junk and yet I feel like I got a baby penis.

2. My own dad has told me its small growing up and laughed about it.

I would never make fun of my son for something like that. But, at this point if my life continues like it is I'll never have a kid.

Sorry for the long thread.

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It seems to be a problem for which the only answer is acceptance and no one wants to hear that, trust me.

I think that's what makes SP so vexing is we live in an age where there are answers for a lot of things. Bald? Hair transplant. Glasses? Contacts or LASIK. Fat? Liposuction. Shy around women? Thousands of coaches and dating Apps right on your phone. Erectile dysfunction? pills pills pills. But for SP? If there was something we would have heard about it.

What are your thoughts?

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