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Keep walking



Right now I am walking the same old path... Today I didn't work on my thesis and as a result I paniched myself by eating like a maniac! I even felt I am going to get sick and still continued to eat. The worst is that apart of my stomach, my fridge is still full too with ice creams and so on.

However, I've decided that since I finish my thesis (which hopefully will be finished at the end of the week) I'll start walking. Monday will be 10 minutes, then 14, then 16, then 20, then 30 and hopefully one hour a day. If I do it, I've calculated that I will lose 7 kilos (hm, how many pounds I don't know) a month just from walking. Plus, I have calculated that I need to eat 1500 to 1680 calories a day so that in a month I will have 2 more kilos lost.

9 kilos a month, is a big deal! Well, I'd prefer 13, if I want to become XS, but who cares! 9 will do the trick pretty well!

I even hope I will stick to my decision for yoga. Hopefully in two months from now, I'll be more energetic and fit apart from thin. I even decided to start yoga tomorrow at home...

...which is out of the question as it is 3 in the morning right now and there is no way I can wake up at 8 and train myself...

Who knows, someday I'll find my balance and manage all the things I want to become. Cause right now, something keeps me from finding it.

...Damn thesis!!!


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