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15 left to go...



As malign said, yes finally it's all in my mind, all the knowledge and everything. I am moving really slllllllloooooowwww though, but look at the good part of it: I am moving! I need 15 whole pages to finish in my thesis. But I have a nice floating speach in my writing as my friend, boyfriend and father told me. Fortunatelly, cause that ability saves me and helps me connect the informations I have found, so the whole system moves.

Let me tell you something about movement. As I say in my thesis movement is rythm. Is a beginning and an end, movement is life itself. When you are moving you are having rythm and that means order and balance. The word rythm (which is ancient greek) comes from a root word that means moving like a water and from that particular word also comes the word 'new'. Well, the water is always new as it is moving and new water is coming to the same spot of a river. Look at another fact now. Water is life!

So I am moving and really I feel so much better. I know I am far away from my target, but ok, things are in an order now. I don't feel bad when I have to do a work like shopping or the dishes. I just do it. I even cleaned my balcony so well that you can leave a baby to play on it's floor. And I don't feel bad cause I know my first priority is my thesis and I feel ok that I am working on it, regardless how slow. I feel I breath now, I am not that stressed, I am balanced :(


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Hope you read it so I can share a though that came out of the previous...

I believe that whenever we are stuck in our lives we have to find the one single point that is the real obstacle. Cause there must be just one of them, I believe in that point.

Often people tent to pretend that they don't care, but they do care cause, once this obstacle is in the middle of their road, it bothers them so much that they tend to leave their life become a mess. I did it! I was just saying "I have works to do, and clean the path, then I am going to do my thesis" So I invented all sorts of household that "prevented" me from starting my thesis. But most of the time, I didn't finish it, so all the cluttering made me feel even worse. It reflected my blocked path and way of feeling. And it was like an obstacle I invented so I didn't have to deal with the real one -that as a matter of fact bothered me a LOT. My thesis.

Now, since I started dealing with it, even if I am not even in the half of the road to the end, I feel it's so easy to do any household or other job! I did'nt say I am not tired. But tiredness is not a big deal when it's only in the body, while the soul is free from your real obstacles!

Hope I did something for you today telling you these thoughts. Cause you could as well have your own obstacles.

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I feel tired, difficult to concentrate as I sleapt at 5 in the morning. So now I am just typing informations that I see in books, just to reduce the amount of the pages, and have all the information in a single place to sew later-maybe tomorrow, after a good night sleep. Hope that works cause it's the first time I just throw information without any order on the "paper".

But overall, I am ok. I also have something to anticipate.

I am going to an aunt country house in weekend with my bf. They invited us, I believe my aunt wants to see how my bf looks like lol but I don't care cause I love this family so much and I've missed them!

How are you staraki?

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Congratulations on moving!

It's by moving that we distinguish ourselves from dead things! :-)

What does your boyfriend look like? ;-)

I hope you finish your thesis and never have to think about it, ever again! {For one thing, I'm wondering what my nickname will be? Markakis? It will sound like a dog, coughing.} :-)

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I was just teasing you: you said you thought your aunt only wanted to have you come to stay so that she could see your boyfriend. So, I suddenly wondered what he looked like. :-)

I didn't expect you to show us.

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