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I know, it's nothing new I am going to tell you. I am stuck. For 5 days now I do nothing for my thesis. Just refuse to work once again. The summer is here, I can smell it and though this is the perfect scene for me, I do nothing.

Yesterday we had to go for a coffee with the band, to talk about band issues. So, I was alert all day. Didn't read, just told myself I haven't got time-which is a lie. Then I was in my appointment only to realize that the only person that brought her papers with the songs was me and the issues brought up had not given any specific result, so all the fuss was to go for a coffee!!!

I don't blame them. If I wanted not to lose my time, I'd have studied all the rest day. And the next one, which is today. But I did nothing.

I have even spoken to my thesis teacher and she expects my thesis next week but I do nothing.

I am not serious, really, I am not a serious person. I have to sit down and finish it.

Is it possible, that my obstacle is not really my thesis? I mean, I had decided to start searching for a job after finishing my thesis. Is it possible that I am not finishing it cause I am too afraid to get out and deal with the interviews?

Anyway, let's forget the interviews, let's say I will do it on September-after all May is almost over and schools will be closed by the end of May, so I won't manage to sent them my CV.

So leaving this worry out... how am I supposed to make myself start working again and finish the damn thesis??????????


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Hey auto, I don't really have advice or anything, just kind of wanted to say hi.

I'm sorry you're so stuck and that this is such a struggle for you. :(

I was thinking that maybe if you think that the thought of job interviews has you delaying completing your thesis that maybe you should take that out of the picture. Just tell yourself you are going to finsih your thesis and that is your only goal, your only plan for now. After you finish your thesis you could take a break and when you are ready think about your next step. Maybe if you took some of the pressure off of yourself you would be able to finsish a little quicker and finally be done with it. I don't know, just a thought.

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Thanx staraki. That's a great thought. I have to admit it's a pressure for me, and maybe even admit that I have a slower timing than most people, so just take my time and finish whatever I can get in the time I can get it. And the future will show...

Thanx :*

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Staraki can I ask you something? (And anyone who wants to say something of course). Do you think it will be a great lose of time if I left the interviews thing to take place after the summer period?

I am thinking of practicing a little in my self confidence and working on my CV (meaning to think of any possible question they can find about it, so practice the right answers), and even make a big list of places I can ask for a job etc.

I know I am the kind of person who wants to be sure about these stuff and feel confidence, but I also know that if I told my family that I want to get pshycological prepared they will just believe I just postpone it cause I don't really intend to get a job and that I am losing opportunities as many many places ask for teachers before the new season comes-meaning before September.

I know I am losing opportunities, but finishing my thesis and then finding a job in a hurry is sooo stressfull for me! On the other hand, it's just a thought, I could not think of it and just go for it as soon as I can and whatever can happen will happen. Or maybe this preparation will be crucial for a person who wants to show confidence. I want to show professional but mostly I want to feel ok about the interview part (not to mention the teaching part, but ...anyway!) What do you think?

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hi, auto, I wish I could answer your question but I really don't know the answer. I mean you would know better than I would. Would it be bad if you waited til after the summer? I mean if it's a teaching job you're after than waiting til September might make it more difficult to get a job. But if getting a job isn't that important to you than maybe it is okay to wait. Do things at your own pace.

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