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When the Going Gets Tough ...



... do the tough get constipated?

I don't guess so. Sometimes, it may seem as if nothing you try works. Certainly, it seemed like that, to me, yesterday. I thought I was doing so well, eloquently setting out what I thought should be done ... and my timing was completely off. I may even have done more harm than good.

And that made me pause and think, today. I've been reading a book by an ancient Chinese philosopher named Chuang Tzu (Master Chuang), one of the three great Taoist writers. It suggests that a "great man" does not seek out followers, or attempt to discuss spiritual matters using words. No words can convey the ideas! And it's just as important to know the unknowable as any possible knowledge. Anyway, you get the gist: by trying to "teach", at whatever level, I'm already off the path.

On the other hand, in this medium, I have nothing else to offer. I can't give wordless encouragement, or lead by example, or just listen and nod. Something has to be said.

So I decided to just do what I do. It might not work, but we know that doing nothing doesn't work. All I can do is keep sending bits of myself out into the void, and listening for the echoes.

Thank you all for occasionally listening. :-)


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Hey Bro,

I may not be able to understand fully what you mean,(coz Im a tad doo-lally at mo) I may not be able to help, but I do care. Your words mean a lot to people here, especially to your lil sis (who happens to love your stories - hint hint)

I love you Bro

Take care hun



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