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Good behavior?



Hey all,

Just thought I'd warn you that I'll be off from Friday through Monday. Let's call it time off for good behavior?

I finally managed to write an e-mail to the wife to warn her that I'm giving up on negotiating with her, and will be starting the court filing. It was very difficult: I've spent a year trying, only to realize, recently, that even if she gave in on everything, I still wouldn't trust her to follow through. Add to that the fact that there's really very little incentive for her to move forward, and you can see that I've pretty much despaired of ever making negotiations work.

What annoys me most is the part of this that's mine: I genuinely thought it was better to talk, and all I've succeeded in doing was postponing the final decree, while I paid for everything. It just makes me wonder whether I've really learned the lesson, that there's no chance of me ever getting her to see my view of "reason".

I don't much like the fact that I'm basically going to end up paying a lawyer to get me a solution that will bankrupt me. But at least it's a solution, rather than this slow evisceration.


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good :D

I am working Friday, Saturday, and Monday night at the restaurant. Shore town, beginning of busy season, so may be even working Sunday if it's as busy as they anticipate.

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No, I don't waitress, they have an icecream counter that I work. But it's been slow so I do that and I help the servers as much as I can with stuff like getting drink orders and cleaning tables and stuff. I am worried about this weekend cause I have to work with the girl I worked with the first night and we didn't get along and I found out she has been talking about me so I am worried but it's a long story so I don't want to ruin your blog with this.

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You're not ruining anything; I asked. :-)

I wondered whether you'd be comfortable with waitressing. I guess having a specific task would be easier.

I had lots of conflicts with individuals, when I worked in the drugstore. You survive them.

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Ok :D

No, I'm not comfortable with the idea of waitrressing, even the little I do when I help is awkward but I'm trying anyway, I think that is brave of me. The girl is only 16 so I'm trying not let it bother me, but this will be the first time I am working with her since the first night and I get very anxious thinking about this weekend, I'm worried I'll end up storming out.

How did you deal with people who didn't like you? Wasn't it awkward?

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{I think it's brave of you, too, going into a service job.}

Well, the first guy who did it, I called out {yeah, little 5'6" me was going to fight a high school football player. Poor guy wouldn't have know what hit him, though: I had anger issues at that age. He opted not to, and although he kept talking behind my back, we now both knew the score.} So, while I no longer recommend that precise procedure, :-) I think you need to find a way to rise above someone so petty that they need to say things behind your back.

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Oh that's funny, you would have won :D

I would definitely win in a fight against her!

Guess I just have to try to ignore her, it's just hard cause she works behind the icecream counter too. I just hope it is ok.

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I was sincerely frightened at the time, sweety, all kidding aside: I'dve sent him home in a body bag. I had far too much rage. Scared the crap out of me, to be honest.

I hope it never comes to that, for you, either. There's always a better way, I believe.

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Oh, well then I'm glad you didn't fight him.

No, I wouldn't fight her anyway, I'd quit first. I don't even want to fight her anyway, I just want her to go away. She came in to eat last weekend when I was working and I was uncomfortable the whole time she was there, that's why I am worried about working with her again, I know it's a stupid thing to worry about and she's just a kid so it makes me mad that it bothers me so much

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Well, there's only one person who can decide not to let it bother you. :-)

Honestly, I think he heard some of my determination in my voice. I've often been grateful he listened. I don't know if I could've taken him, but only one of us would've left there, the only question would be, which. So I'm glad it didn't go that way, too. :-)

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It's not a decision! You know the first night I worked with her she actually physically pushed me out of her way cause apparrently this child didn't think I was capable of scooping italian ice! I just walked out cause I was so mad. She better not ever touch me again.

I'm glad he backed out too but you still won cause he backed out, not you.

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Oh. I know I proved he was just a coward.

I would rather I'd been able to find another way, though.

It's reasonable to tell someone not to push you. That's not even something to fight about; it should just happen.

I'm off, starlight. I hope your weekend goes okay. :-)

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