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Thankless Dead End Life



Another week in the books, another week worth of wondering if what I made is going to be enough to cover the monthly expenses. I swear, between the rigors of my home life (as stated in my first blog here) and this job, I'm surprised I haven't put a bullet in my head.

I know there's not a whole lot else I can do either. A career in the exciting field of retail service, no matter how much experience you get under your belt, doesn't really prepare you to do anything else.

For the most part, I work on the receiving dock, so the work is mind-numbing and back-breaking. I get finished for the day, and go home to find Wifey has done nothing around the house, so there's another couple of hours of work after I get home from work.

The whole situation from my first entry is still going on, I still love OW as much as ever, and Wifey knows it, but it really doesn't matter. As with my job, everything I touch turns to crap. I'm a sinking ship, and stay or go, I'd be dragging someone down with me.


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