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More confused than ever



Over the last week, things have gotten downright weird for me. Wifey has not only started talking to OW again, but added her to her Facebook friends. We just went out last night, and while things aren't the same as they were when the three of us were "an item", it felt good to have both my girls with me. Wifey seems to understand that OW and I still love each other very much, now I'm just waiting to find out if she's playing an angle. I don't know if she saw how miserable I was not being able to see OW all the time, or she's just being nice to her for my sake.

While we were out, all of the things that I love about OW shone through brighter than ever. Her singing voice, those beautiful big brown eyes, that gorgeous smile. But for a few minutes, I saw the old Wifey. There was a little bit of understanding in a chat we had outside. She understood that OW and I still love each other, and acknowledged that, were I trying to get over her (which I'm not.), it would take some time to do.

Last night left me with more questions than answers, that's for sure. Are there more good times ahead for us? Is Wifey just riding an "up time" in whatever's going on in that head of hers? And what's going to happen when she comes back down? But for one night, I was able to say, "Never mind answering questions, let's just sing."


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