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I was away for a while and the reason is that I search for things. I want to bring peace, harmony and happiness in my life. I want to stop being sick in my body and find balance in my soul again.

One thing that I have found that rather helps is reiki. I want to take some healings and maybe then learn how to heal myself-that is take the first degree in reiki.

But I here a lot. They say you have to take something like a little initiation so that your body opens to some power which is -they say- good. Well I have reasons to believe it is and reasons it isn't.

It must be, as I have taken a healing 'massage' in the past and this was awesome! I felt my body so soft and calm and for a few days I LOVED the whole world.

The reason I am afraid now is that I am afraid of the word 'initiation'. I am afraid of opening up any bad thing... They say that some of them they see their guardian angel, or see the aura of flowers, or even the room smells differently after meditation. They also say that after every initiation (they are 3 but you can have only 1 or 2) there is a period where all the bad of you comes out. That means that you feel bad, that you are having a cold or anything that must leave your body and mind, so it's like a month or more period that the body is self-healing. After that, everything is good and many of them who have taken reiki, don't even have to take the slighest medicine cause they can heal themselves. Not only in a magical way, but due to the autognosy work they do with themselves.

It seems a little dangerous, but it seems a little hopefull too.

What do you think of reiki? Do you know about it? I hope someone who has 'studied' it can tell me. Or anyone who knows anything bad or good.



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