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Something To Put In Here



It's really kind of funny: I used to have a problem with excessive discipline. I rarely had to be punished, as a kid. I was always the goody two-shoes sort, automatically well-behaved, the kind of kid teachers would point out in class, why can't the rest of you be more like him {and oh yes, that does wonders for your image with your peers.}

I've gradually developed what you might call self-discipline fatigue. Some things I openly resist, no matter how important they may be to me, such as paying bills. Others I'm more passive-aggressive {to myself!} about. For instance, despite knowing that I need to get more exercise, it's quite unlikely that I'll do anything about it.

Yet things like spiritual practice or exercise, I imagine, would be most effective if I neither forced them to happen, nor neglected them. There must be some intermediate point at which I just do what I need. That's what I'm searching for, these days, at least ...

Let's hope I find it. :-)


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So...... how do you find that intermediate point???? What is the intermediate point....how would you define it and how would you know if you were there?

The reason I'm asking is that I think without some kind of definition of what that place would like, one can be searching forever for something that may have actually been there all along.

Just a thought that occurred to me in my sleep deprived madness :(

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<> - that's exactly what I have since my "state of mind" became so much better thanks to my therapy!!! Nice expression; thanks for sharing! :( My therapist seems quite glad that I'm so "free" now and "enjoy my life", but... I need to search for the same as you do...

And Danni - I don't know how to define it. Maybe I'm just too lazy to do it ;-P

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