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Hey everyone



So, i've decided to use this as a journal and share my feelings with whoever cares to listen.

Since my break-up i feel so lifeless, i feel like i have no purpose.

I put 110% into the past 2 years with my ex and i really fully believed we were gonna be together forever.

During the whole relationship i never ever felt like i could live without him and its seeming impossible to do so right now :o

He was the most perfect person to me, i knew from the moment i first saw him he was special and i felt like he was my soulmate.

We had an amazing relationship, long distance and hard but when we were together it was fantastic.

Then in April i had a miscarriage (not planned at all and as unpsetting as it was im feeling slightly relieved)

Because we didnt get to see eachother that often i couldnt bring myself to tell him about this because i didnt want to ruin the short time we had together, so i bottled it up and pushed him away and probably made him feel like i didnt want him anymore.

Only when we broke up around i month ago i explained to him what id been going through, thinking he could sympathise but he really doesnt care about it at all.

I was so so upset at losing the baby, even though i was relieved in some ways but i never ever thought id go through losing him too.

I just feel so lost and hurt and i miss him more than i ever could imagine.

I hate this feeling so so much, i really felt like my life was sorted, i'd met the man of my dreams, who'd tell me he wanted to marry me etc :confused: and now its over and he wants nothing to do with me.

Rambling over for now!!! Just helps to get it out.


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Hi there. I find it always helps to write it all down and get it "out there" so I hope it goes some way to making you feel better.

Break ups are so difficult. And for some of us they hurt right to the core. Some people move on easily and don't understand.

But I'm sure that it will get better. Maybe slowly but take each day at a time.

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