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The Broken Record Treatment



Don't you hate it when someone just asks you the same question over and over again? That was the treatment I was getting last night. Wifey had demanded I give my wedding ring to her. Don't you hate it when someone asks you the same question over and over again? Please answer me.

Last night, she asked me if I wanted it back. She knows full well the truth isn't going to be what she wants to hear. Don't you hate it when someone asks you the same question over and over gain? Answer Me!! I'm starting to lose my patience with you!

So I laid there in bed, completely stoic, trying to avoid the fight that would without a doubt ensue if the truth passed my lips. Don't you hate it when someone asks you the same question over and over again? This is the last time I'm going to ask you! Answer or you're going to be sorry!

So she just kept asking me, and asking me, and asking me, each time getting more and more angry. She began pushing me a little, which made me mad at her. Don't you hate it when someone asks you the same question over and over again, and threatens physical violence if you don't give them an answer, or if the one you do give them isn't what they want to hear?


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Hi... In reading your post I felt that you were also goading her on by being stoic, knowing this would anger her and make her crazy. Perhaps you are both being agressive towards each other, even though your approach is more passive. She obviously wants to hear that you still love her and want to be married to her but you can't tell her that because you may not want to be. So how come you are not really discussing these deep issues together? Are you at the point where you just want to leave her but are waiting for her to kick you out?

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Let me start, if I may, by asking if you're familiar with the entire backstory of our situation. If any part of the discussion isn't exactly what she wants to hear, I might as well be waving a red cape in front of a 2500 pound bull, with my feet in 6 inches of concrete. If I don't get it physically, she'll just lay on the guilt extra thick, despite telling me to man up and tell her what's really on my mind.

The stoicism, as bad of a defense as it is, is my only option to avoid the worst of her retaliations. If I just ride out the prying, she gives up. On a good day, she doesn't hit or shove me. So in response to your question, there is no discussing anything with her. Maybe it's my fault for being her "yes man" for as long as I have.

And yes, I've wanted to leave since the day after I came back. I'm always going to love her I suppose, but her controlling and her temper, have sapped all desire to remain in a relationship with her dry.

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