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The Most Amazing Thought

Guest GingerSnap


I know that this comes in many forms but I read a few weeks ago, "Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is." I have been soul searching about being a member of the website, about coming to the website at all. God is first always in my life, every day, every minute, every second. My faith is a faith of the old ways. I believe that there can be balance between those of faith, those that think they have faith and those who have no faith, want no faith but it is not here. I have a "rigid belief system" that won't change by legislation by human beings, I believe that life begins at conception, I believe a holy union can only take place between a man and a woman, I believe that just because it feels good that doesn't make it right, I believe that feeling guilt is a good thing - sociopaths (narcissist/asocial personal disorders) don't have guilt or shame or God - there is a message there. I really cannot state my opinions based on my belief in God because of how it would make others feel but there has been a constant string of articles on the main page that assault my beliefs and do not allow for any balance by making statements - not that this is what one believes but by this is............I see the world and hopelessness and the continuing decline and I just really cannot be a part of the problem if I can avoid it. I cannot stand by in silence because that is the same as giving it my approval. The website has taken away my choices and the continuing assault, I really don't need that to deal with.:eek:

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Hi GingerSnap, I can sort of relate to what you are saying because my belief in God is central to my life and my values as well. I've tried to start threads about spriritual and religious matters, but they peter out very quickly... I know some other people here are religious, although we probably don't share all the same perspectives if we are from different cultures, backgrounds, religions (I'm a Baha'i for example, from Christian roots), but part of being religious I think is a capacity for tolerance and a deep knowledge that we are the cells of one body of humanity and that we all deserve compassion, kindness, love....

Are you feeling targetted by the views that are expressed in the main page, which I don't know much about to be frank... ?

It's not easy to be religious in western culture today, it's perceived as being narrow minded and perhaps even naive. But practicing the precepts of religion, on the contrary, is a very tough thing to do and there is great strength and courage to be had there, so in my books it needs to continue to be included and discussed, and I personally would like you to stay.... I think you add a lucid and straight up voice of experience to the forum, even if you have conservative religious views :-)

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