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My pink quartz and an oportunity



Today I bought a little pink necklace, a little pink quartz heart. I don't know if this is my imagination, but it makes me feel very soft in the heart. That was the feeling before when I held it, that is now that I wear it on the neck. It suppose to work on the heart chakra, that means, to help you recieve and give love. And it is such a beautiful stone!!

In the shop where I bought it (oh this is a heavenly place, full of smells and sounds of water and soft zen music) I had a big talk with the woman that worked there. A big talk about crystals, holistic therapies, work, life, etc. And while talking I told her that I am starting searching for it and next step is take the first degree in reiki -that is when I get a job, because reiki is expensive to learn. So this is the opportunity. She told me that a person, friend of the manager of the shop, which is a doctor, is making reiki attuntments to groups without taking money from them, just because he believes (and that is true, I have heard it before) that reiki is something everybody has got by nature, he is just there to help you remember it, so he can't take you money for something that is yours.

My bf said that since we don't know him, we can go together, and he'll just watch. After all, he is curious on how it's done, even though he doesn't want to learn it yet.

So I feel a little bit weird, but excited too!! Do you believe it? The lowest price I have found was 150 euros for every one of the 3 degrees (that is 1st, 2nd and 3rd-master). Usually the prices are 200 for the first, something like 500 for the second and even more -who knows, it could be 900 for the third!!!

So I feel like it was one of those nice lucky moments where something you are looking for is coming to reveal itself for you to grub.

Early in September I am thinking of calling him for some first questions :P


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