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It's okay, sweety. I was only teasing.

Well, I could try to describe what I saw, but I've done that before. Is there someone in particular who you mean? Would it help to ask you what you see when you look at you? Or to ask what people tell you they see (but keeping in mind which people say what)?

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Okay. Well, I liked what I saw, and what I feel that comes through our words together.

But that still doesn't tell you whether I "see the same thing" you see, because we might like different things.

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The customers at work don't know you, though. To them, you're just a girl who works there. It's sort of not their job to see you as a person ...? Now, maybe it means that you would prefer a job where people did see you as a person.

I understand that you tried to explain, and that I didn't get it. Maybe it's my fault? Is there a rule that you can only try stuff once, and if it doesn't work, you have to give up?

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its not your fault. its my fault i'm so hopeless at explaining stuff. no there's no rule.

i feel like a machine in work and i know its not their job to see me as a person but why do they always have to make me feel so bad?

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