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Statements to Self



1. I am valuable, and deserve to take care of myself by eating and drinking right, keeping myself clean, and allowing myself to sleep comfortably.

2. I do not deserve to be put down, whether it's by me or by others. If it happens anyway, I do not have to agree with the insult by taking it in. I am not perfect, but change can be requested without insult.

3. I am afraid, but that does not have to rule me. I will survive despite my fears.

4. I have a right to speak up when I am being hurt. It may not change anything; I cannot control others. But not speaking up adds to the hurt by agreeing with it.

... to be continued.


Recommended Comments

Thanks! I often feel like my thinking isn't far off; it's that monitor (that I always used to associate with my thinking mind) that tends to add a negative twist to everything.

In some ways, I'm just scraping by, and these things were what kept me together over the weekend. The next entries will need to deal with responsibilities, but I need to patch myself back up some before I start on giving.

That's why I didn't dare post them on Coping: I'm hardly using them myself, yet.

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