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Y r people so mean?!? What's the point n it?



1st day back at work since I moved. Love the apartment. Found out I have to go thru physical therapy 4 my back and shoulder screwed it up alot worse than 1st thought. Dr just released me to work and I'm hating it because I can't do anything. I can't push pull lift etc more than 3 pounds with left arm and can't bend stoop etc or lift more than 10 lbs because of back:(. What sux is they want 2 fire a guy on 2nd shift 4 my injury. Y do I have a prob with that?? He's slow and every1 here makes fun of him. Apparently what happened is he broke the ladder then put it back 2gether best he could and put it back. I had the bad luck to b the next 2 use it and boom down I went with the damn thing on top of me. Do I think he handled the situation right no I don't but EVERY TIME he does anything the other people we work with tell him it happened because he's stupid. If he wasn't retarded it wouldn't have happened etc etc. I don't think he would have hid what happened if he wasn't afraid of all the teasing and crap that he goes thru. I have tried bringing all this to the head manager out here and she says she can't do anything if he doesn't complain. I've seen notes other workers have left making fun of him and calling him stupid in the note. the worst part is I have talked 2 him and told him it doesn't have to b this way. That he should never b scared to tell some1 if people r saying mean thing 2 him or bullying him and what does he tell me??? It's ok they treat him that way because they r friends. That's how friends tease each other. That's y he does all the work and let's the people he works with sign their initials because u do stuff like that 4 friends. What type of shitty human being treats another person that way and then tells them no it's ok I promise we're friends. What's the point in taking advantage of some1 like that? Does it make them feel better about theirself? What major flaw does some1 have to possess to look at some1 who's slow and treat them that way. It reminds me of being in school again. U always had the assholes who thought it was funny to pick on the kids that were special needs. I remember getting into a fight with this 1 boy I just beat the snot out of him. He would stand at the end of the special ed hall and wait 4 kids to come out so he could knock books out of their hands or trip them or whatever else he could think of and 1 day I had just had it watching him and I jumped him dude never even saw it coming. That probably makes me as bad as him but damn y make some1's life even harder. This guy at work probably went thru the same crap and now gets to deal with the same shit at work. So now his job is n danger and I feel like since I'm the 1 who got hurt I should have some say n it. I blame the assholes who pick on him and the manager that let's it go on. I blame him 2 because yes he should have stepped up and said I broke this and he probably would have if not 4 fear of being ridiculed. Srry probably not making much sense pain killers and muscle relaxers r kicking n. Did I mention I love my new apartment the bus goes right by my front door:D

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It is very convenient:D My building is the first one and the bus stop for the apartment complex is right in front of my door. When I was in school and even now all I can think is how would I want to be treated if it was me? I mean do people bother thinking that they could b 1 accident away from being impaired? How would they want others 2 treat them? There's so much suffering n the world y add 2 it?

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