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Ramblings of a bored mind



I'm at work ooh icky colorthat's better but still not right no eh y not? We need a nice hunter green I looked and I don't really "feel" any of the greens we have just like I prefer to type in script but not an option:( I'm so bored with my work restrictions I'm going crazy but I am catching up on some books I've been wanting to read. Still have no puter at my apartment right now it's not on the list of needed must have expenses let's face it I don't need it to live but it does make living more fun(I miss pinball):P but I left the puter for my husband. He actually needs it because he does do alot of work at home and all I use it 4 is to play or yap so I'm not spiteful enough to take it just because it was mine. When we got married we decided we didn't need 2 puters so since mine was the way better than his we kept it and when it finally crashed last year I bought the new 1 but who cares he needs it I just want it. Need trumps want in my world. Found out from the boss's boss that when my GF worked 3rds she hurt herself 2 so we were joking about 3rds being jinxed:eek: I hated to go over my boss's head but damn I just don't want that guy fired. I think every1 will hate me now becuz we have to go thru sensitivity training but that's whut happens when u act like a horse's patoot.

Wouldn't it be cool if u could just think of a color and the puter could pick it up and u could type in that color then people could tell how u were feeling just by the color of what u posted? What if the universe kept score and everytime u were mean and nasty points were deducted but if u were nice points got awarded I wonder what the average final score would be? I wonder how many people have ever had the same thoughts or if I'm just weird? Has anyone else ever just looked up at the vastness of a night sky and felt how small we really r? I mean space is vast if u r out in the boonies and there r no lights to interfere you really can see how many stars there r. Every inch of the sky is speckled it's beautiful but u realize how small u r. That if the stars r looking down at us 2 do we fill them with the same sense of awe and wonderment? I'm listening to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik there r times when it's just so I don't know I can't put it into words but it's beauty almost makes me ache I want to be able to express what's n me like that evoke emotion but I'm not talented in any way. I can't draw I can't write I can't compose I just sit like a lump and do my chimp jobs and know that I could do better I just don't know what that better is or how to find it blah gads now I'm depressing myself happy thoughts happy thoughts u can't fly if u lose your happy thoughts:rolleyes:


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Hmm, I don't know how technical you might want to get, but you can theoretically make your text any color that the computer can display ...

So, I can make

green COLOR=#00FF00

green COLOR=#00C000

green COLOR=#008000

green COLOR=#004000

green COLOR=#001000

green COLOR=#00FF80...

You enter the color as a number, with two digits for Red, two digits for Green, and two digits for Blue. The thing that will look odd to most people is that each two digit number is in hexadecimal, which is base-16. That means that we need letters to represent 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 (the letters A through F, or a-f). The '#' sign tells it that you're going to give it an RGB number instead of a color name.

So, in the first example, I made the Green as intense as possible, and turned Red and Blue all the way off. Then I gradually reduced the Green intensity until it's almost black (all zeros.) In the last one, though, I added a bit of Blue, to give an aquamarine sort of color.

You can find color chooser dialog boxes on most platforms, including Windows, that lets you select a color and obtain its RGB number. Or you can just fiddle with it, if you get bored. :-)

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Sedsed puter is me being 2 lazy to write computer :D

Ciel I agree I have actually felt like that many times

Smallstar that is a beautiful thought

Malign I am puter challenged I think it's awesome that u figured all that out. Just reading it made my brain hurt but tyvm for the knowledge:D

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Has anyone else ever just looked up at the vastness of a night sky and felt how small we really r?

All the time. That's why I like camping so much or more specifically, backpacking. When you get so far away from everything and the only sounds are the crackling of the campfire; the only lights are of the stars filling the night sky. I get lost in the vastness of it all.

Then, the technical side of me makes it even worse. Lol! Proxima Centauri is the closest star to us, beyond our own sun. And it is about 4 light years away. With the speed of light being 186,000 miles per second, that makes the distance 186,000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365.25 * 4 or 23,478,854,400,000 miles away. That's trillion! To give some perspective, the space shuttle travels near 15,000 miles per hour as it blasts into orbit. At this incredible speed, it would take 178,560 years to reach Proxima Centauri. And that's just the CLOSEST star. There are billions of stars in our galaxy alone and beyond that, billions of galaxies in the KNOWN universe.

NOW do we feel a little small? :D And yet, part of something big and wonderful at the same time.

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