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Power Play



Well, my wife has set herself up in the basement as if it were a separate apartment. She took down everything she thinks of as hers (basically, anything significant which she has purchased since our marriage, despite all our finances being joint) and put out things that she doesn't want that are mine. One cat ("hers") lives in there with her, and the other one, which I owned when we got married, is forbidden from visiting "common areas" unless I'm there to supervise and clean after it. She can enforce this because I'm not home all day, working to pay the mortgage, while she hasn't had an outside job, or an income, in years.

Someone's being taken advantage of.


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Hey...I just thought of something after reading this this morning...make her pay rent.

I know you don't want to play her game, and this may fall under that heading, but still....she wants to make all these rules in her favor...if you make one in your favor does it still enter into the trappings of her "power play" she's trying to lead you into? "Entitled" projections. Malign let's go for a hike!

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Mmm, yeah, it crossed my mind. This financial arrangement can't hold. I'm starving myself rather than charge meals or groceries to a credit card when I don't have access to the joint accounts to pay it off ...

But I'd have to grow a spine to change something, and if I had one, I'd probably change more than rent.

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