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So, where was I?



So, where was I?

Oh yeah, I'm right where I left me ... :-)

So, I had another cycle of the monthly "OMG, I don't have enough for the bills, ask my Dad for money, get it into the banks, begin spending it", just recently. It was much like the others, full of procrastination and bad feelings. I know better, and I know I know better, but I still feel it. Time to start doing something different.

Car's been acting funny, too. One of the cylinders seems to be lazy, and not bothering to fire. Understandably, this annoys the other cylinders, and they protest to me by making the car vibrate whenever I try to accelerate. Given that I commute 40 miles each way each day, you can understand why I continue to vibrate for some time after I get out of the car. That's going in tomorrow morning to get paid for, I mean, fixed.

*sigh* What else?

Therapy night, tonight. The check won't bounce, at least.

And I'm making all this sound worse than it is. I have begun taking a bit better care of myself, getting up earlier, and so on. I have to be careful not to let Thought take over, and make that his job to enforce, or I'll rebel. Ideally, I'd just do it because life feels better that way, but so far, that hasn't been enough. It's even possible that not taking care of myself has been a sort of wordless rebellion, all along.

Oh well, that's what comes to mind, this time. Stay "tooned". :-)


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